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Aston Martin DB5 Saloon

The Aston Martin DB5 is regarded by most Aston Martin experts “as their most beautiful model ever built” This car replaced the DB4 series in 1963 with substantial changes, notably under the bonnet. The 6-cylinder engine’s capacity was enlarged to 4 litres, propelling the motorcar to 145 mph (233 km/h). Significant too, was the introduction of a fully synchromeshed manual gearbox with electric overdrive & latterly the ZF unit boasted 5 forward gears together with 15” Chromium Wire Wheels and Girling disc brakes. Standard equipment on the DB5 included reclining seats, wool pile carpets, electric windows, twin fuel tanks, oil cooler, magnesium-alloy body built to the Superleggera patent technique and complemented with full hide interior.

The DB5 is famous all over the world for being the first and most recognised cinematic James Bond car! The Aston Martin has been featured in several of the James Bond films notably Goldfinger, Thunderball, Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, Skyfall and the latest Bond adventure, Spectre.

Aston Martin DB5 Saloon Vantage

The Vantage engine models are the high-performance variants of the Aston Martin model range; the car featured an upgraded high compression cylinder head, altered cam timing and three twin - choke, side-draft Weber carburettors, effectively creating an individual mixing chamber for each cylinder. Output rose to 314 BHP. Known as the “GT engine” when developed for the first prototype Vantage, it stepped confidently into the shoes of its spiritual predecessor, the venerated DB4 GT, the only previous Aston model to feature massive Weber carburetion.

Aston Martin DB5 Convertible

The convertible or drophead coupe version of the DB5 but is never to be called a DB5 Volante - the Volante came later. Wonderful to look at hood up or down; DB5 convertibles found 123 lucky owners in the mid 1960's. These low numbers are more due to the disruption in production that the convertibles caused rather than unpopularity.

Aston Martin Short Chassis Volante

The Short-Chassis Volante is the rarest of all DB model convertibles as only 37 in total were ever built it is often mentioned in Aston Martin texts and enthusiast’s guides as one of the most interesting and collectable of all the Aston Martin DB Series. It is also the first ever Aston Martin to wear the now world famous “Volante” moniker that has been used on every convertible Aston Martin since.

The image of this quintessential British GT car is exemplified most aptly with the legendary Aston Martin DB series of sports cars, especially in glamorous open-air convertible form. As production of the new Aston Martin DB6 was heralded by the display at the London Motor Show in October 1965, an initial batch of 37 convertible models was initiated on the last remaining shorter chassis of the outgoing DB5. These were christened simply ‘Volante’ by factory man Kent Monk, meaning literally “flying” and marking the first such Aston to carry this nomenclature.

Sports Classics London are delighted to announce our involvement with the restoration project of a special DB5. After 50 years of slumber and only 5 years on the road from new, the car still retains all its original metalwork and is one of the most original examples in existence. AMHT are delighted the car has been found from their list of “missing”.

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Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5


Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5

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