R.M.S 'Mauretania' model


(Pullman Gallery Reference Number: 6330) 
A highly important and very rare original 1906 builder’s model of R.M.S ‘Mauretania’. Built to 1:96 scale, no expense has been spared in the construction of this extraordinary model, with several thousand parts all specially made, including 280 skylights, 1818 windows in deck berths, sixteen lifeboats on their davits, 20 small ladders with their handrails and even around 200 doorknobs, all with gold-and silver-plated fittings, and minutely observed details. The model retains its original ebonised display case and stand, and its brass plaque with details of the vessel. Displayed alongside ‘Mauretania’ is a model of ‘Turbinia’, built to the same scale, illustrating the difference in size between these two important ships. The case has recently been completely refurbished and re-polished, and the model is in impeccable condition ready for installation and display. Length of model: 103 inches (262 cm). Size of case: Length: 112 inches (285 cm), Height:  72 inches (183 cm), Depth: 24 inches (61 cm). 

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